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Special Announcement September 21, 2023

What to expect

Dear church,

Here is an update on hiring additional pastoral staff for our church network

This position will be an associate pastor who will work alongside with both the Ladner (CPC) and Richmond (CO5) team, while Pastor Chris and Pastor Rachel remain as the Lead Pastors of the network.

The candidate we want to bring forward today for you to think and pray about is Natasha Tunnicliffe. Natasha will be joining us this coming Sunday September 24th and she will be preaching at our worship service. Please come to meet and to hear from her.

In addition, there are two opportunities for you to meet her and to ask questions:

1. Saturday September 23rd, 6-7pm at Cedar Park Church

2. Sunday September 24th, 9am before the service at Cedar Park Church

The following Sunday October 1st, we will be having a vote on Natasha filling the pastoral position.

Click on this link for a short video clip from Pastor Chris regarding candidate Natasha:


Here is a short bio of Natasha Tunnicliffe

I grew up in church; my family was involved in ministry and church life throughout my childhood. 

At 18, I moved across the world to Rwanda for a year-long internship with a missions organization. During my time in Rwanda and throughout my early adult years, my relationship with God continued to grow, and I became solely focused on knowing the Lord more deeply and facilitating others' encounters with Him.

Upon returning from Rwanda, I entered full-time ministry and the world of Pastoring. I received my Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Leadership, while working as a Youth Pastor at a church plant (Pneuma Church/Life Church) and continued from there to become the Associate Pastor at Cedar Park Church. It has truly been the joy of my life to serve people and help connect and lead others towards the Lord. I've pastored in various capacities, including kids, youth, young adults, and worship.

After a decade of pastoring, I sensed God calling me into a season of rest and new vision. I ventured to Redding, California, to attend a ministry school at a church called Bethel. My time at Bethel was incredibly refreshing, it led to healing, personal renewal, and a new found passion for the Lord and ministry. 

As my time in ministry school concluded, I felt a tug on my pastoral heart once again. I continue to approach the potential next steps back into ministry with an open hand, allowing God to guide me. He is trustworthy! I am genuinely excited about a new season of pastoring, with new vision for the future and the strength of this last season. I am ready to embrace the journey ahead.


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